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20.15 VISIBLE LIFT, is the ‘mini-lifting” facial home use treatment designed to lift facial contours temporarily.

Remarkable results can be achieved with this non-surgical facial mask. 20•15™ helps to provide a firmer and more younger appearance.

  • Contains a unique blend of natural ingredients, herbs and minerals
  • Contains sea algae to refine the pores
  • Papaya extracts for a polished finish
  • Skin appears rejuvenated after just one treatment

 Visible Lift

20.15 is a unique regenerating active treatment for an instant visible skin rejuvenation. The firming of the skin is not only superficially beneficial, but also detectable in depth. The secret is based on the composition of minerals, fruit extracts and enzymes. Every single ingredient in itself already has a proven anti-ageing effect. Only the combination of this concentrated power of plants is responsible for this amazing result, which makes 20.15 so incredibly effective and unique.

Instant lifting trio

20.15 is a 3-component mask that is mixed prior to use and thus activated. The mask helps prevent the loss of elasticity on face, neck and décolleté. the physical sensation with its tightening effect can be experienced between 8 – 30mins The 20.15 stimulates blood circulation and increases muscle toning to restore elasticity and achieves a firming effect. It leaves your face clearly defined with youthful contours. This beauty secret works like a personal trainer for your face. You decide how often you use it.

The power of nature

Natural seaweed algae extracts in the booster regulate, purifies, conditions and revitalize the cell renewal of the skin. Deep cleansing Papaya fruit extracts provide a gentle peeling effect for a brighter, fresher and more youthful complexion. The Allantoin in the Powder purifies and conditions the skin. The combination the Booster and Powder blended together form a treatment which stimulates circulation and increases blood supply. The isometric action created by the unique blend of ingredients help restore muscle tone and elasticity. Rich active ingredients are supplied in the moisturizing finishing cream. This high-quality collagen cream with elastin stimulates the body‘s own collagen structure. Highly soothing and moisturizing properties nourish the skin. The skin is wonderfully soft and supple.

Studies show

The 20.15 has been tested on volunteers of male and female subjects aged 18 to 61 years old and

87% confirm an effective skin toning


20.15 is a three-part treatment that is best applied in a relaxed undisturbed atmosphere at home. To apply 20.15 simply blend the required sachet of The Mask Powder with the Liquid Booster and mix to a paste. With the enclosed cosmetic brush use upward and outward strokes to apply the paste to thoroughly cleansed skin on the face and neck, avoiding the lip and eye area. The firming effect starts and you will feel a slightly pulsating sensation which will last over the period of application for up to 30 minutes. After removing with warm water, complete the treatment with Finishing Creme to leave your skin soft and perfectly balanced. 20.15 is equally effective for all types of skin for women and men.

Each Box Contains:

5 x 6ml Sachets of Liquid Booster

5 x 4g Sachets of Mask Powder

5 x 2ml Sachets of Finishing Creme

1 Masking Application Brush & Instruction Leaflet



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