Now you can look younger in minutes!

The Lift mini-lifting system


The Lift is a non-surgical face lift, that gives dramatic results in an instant.

It lifts, tones and firms the face, leaving the skin refined, smooth and radiant for a fresher and more youthful complexion.

The Lift has been used professionally by leading make-up artists to the Hollywood stars for many years. Now this amazing “salon style” treatment is available worldwide for use in your own home to achieve the same dramatic results.

Expect to lose up to ten years from your face after just one treatment. The Lift comes conveniently and hygienically packed in sachets along with a professional facial brush, making it easier for you to bring this professional facial treatment straight from the salon into the comfort of your own home.

The Lift is an easy-to-work mask of mineral powers, fruit extracts and enzyme boosters that work to gently stimulate circulation and increase blood supply to help restore the skins muscle tone and elasticity.

Each Box Contains

10 x 6ml Sachets of Liquid Booster

10 x 4g Sachets of Masking Powder

10 x 2ml Sachets of Finishing Cream

1 Masking Application Brush & Instruction Leaflet

What the press had to say

“The mother of all facelifts. The mask stays on for at least 8 minutes (up to 30 if you can stand it) and leaves the skin thrillingly lifted”. – Evening Standard

“Miracle worker for post-party faces. It tightens alarmingly on the skin, but gives the best instant results”. – Daily Mail

“A favourite among celebrities as Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker, the lift facial mask is a proven miracle worker that eradicates lines and wrinkles in an instant and leaves your face looking years younger”. – Oxygen

“The Lift is user-friendly with easy-to-follow instructions. After rinsing off the mask, my skin definitely looked younger and, after using the product twice in the first week (as recommended) I noticed a definite improvement – as did several other people. I’m very impressed”. – Real Magazine

“Women have told me they would use if it smelt like manure it is that good. It is the only product I know that has an instant effect on perioral (nose to mouth) lines that deepen when you are tired”. – Telegraph Magazine

“The Lift is a face mask with a powerful tightening effect on the skin that could knock as much as 15 years off your looks”. – Woman’s Own

“…this non-surgical face mask tightens, lifts and replaces lost collagen”. – Reveal

“The Lift is a super face mask that exfoliates, lifts and tightens skin by exercising facial muscles. Your skin is refreshed, softer and fines lines are fainter”. – The West Australian

“Facelifts without surgery? Traditional egg white may have near-miraculous, temporary face-firming properties but newer ingredients include special algaes and wrinkle-filling gels that help make-up glide over the top for a smooth, line-free finish”. – Woman

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